Houston Office Space of the Month: Texas Tax Group

Boxer Property President Justin Segal recently came across this unsolicited Boxer tenant review on YouTube, and we wanted to meet this innovative, satisfied tenant for ourselves. We dropped by Texas Tax Group’s Houston office space at 9950 Westpark for an in-depth interview and office tour with President Dino Marcaccio. Recently Justin Segal (President of Boxer Properties) invited Dino to visit our corporate headquarters. After the tour Dino commented that BOXER is doing what we all want to do; find a niche market and FILL IT.

dallas tax office dallas tax office june 22 2024

Texas Tax Group is the perfect example of how a company can start off small and then EXPAND in our office spaces. This company at first rented a 2 room office at 9950 Westpark Drive and then over the course of 4 years continued to expand until they were the 2nd largest tenant in the building. Dino then expanded Texas Tax Group into Dallas and Austin using of course Boxer Properties. By keeping office space with one commercial real estate property, Dino was able to focus on growing his business rather than getting caught up in the details of renting from different landlords.

houston office pace lobby houston office space lobby june 22 2024

How long have you been a tenant with Boxer Property?

2015 is our 5th year as Texas Tax Group. We started at this Houston office building in two rooms and eventually became the second largest tenant in the building.

Texas Tax Group now has office locations in Houston, Dallas and Austin. Our Austin Office is located at 4009 Banisterand our Dallas Boxer office is at 8500 Stemmons (Boxer’s original office building).

I see that Boxer is getting into the executive office suite concept but with a BETTER TWIST. By that I mean that Boxer is offering larger ‘unattended’ executive suites often with attached kitchen, lobby and fully furnished conference rooms. This is exactly what small businesses owners are looking for. They don’t want to pay high rents for smaller ‘attended’ executive suites run by the competition. In fact, Boxer does not rent to this outfits for good reason (i.e., it is not a good deal for their tenants). Boxer is building out these larger less expensive un-attended executive in most of their buildings. Bottom line. If you want executive suite space, Boxer has it – with bigger offices and lower rent. Then if you are ready to take the next step Boxer is ready two-room or larger offices with your own front door and mailbox. This is exactly why I have stared with Boxer and will stay with Boxer.

houston tax group team houston tax group team june 22 2024

What is the hardest part about relocating?

Anyone who has state-wide or regional ambitions has another advantage of leasing with Boxer. It’s a big deal to be able to lease all of your offices through the same commercial real estate company at the right price. When you try to disconnect from the competitor spaces, there are a lot of hidden fees that you didn’t know you signed up for. It took me six months to get back my deposit, handle my mail, keys and wrap up everything else. It is a real pain.

houston tax office space houston tax office space june 22 2024

Office Space Amenities in Houston

What were the needs and amenities that you looked for when finding your office space?

The rent and the space that you can get with Boxer is unbelievable. Before I had an office with Boxer I was working out of my house. I was hesitant, like a lot of others, about leasing office space because I heard some horror stories about some of the ‘other’ attended (i.e, common greeters work the front desk) executive suites. The rent savings means that I have more money to spend on salaries and marketing.

My rent as a percentage of my sales gets smaller and smaller every year. This is fantastic. And that’s the whole idea for being at Boxer – you grow exponentially. At first, take one or two rooms. If you have a good business and you work hard, you will need more space, but your rent will be a smaller and smaller amount of your sales. Boxer is the secret. They did what someone should have done a long time ago.

Boxer really does a fine job of upgrading the interior and exterior of the building they buy and manage. It is apparent when you walk into their front lobbies that these building are being maintained.

I actually designed my own office build out and hired the contractor to complete the work. Boxer provided me with help in this area as well.

tax conference room tax conference room june 22 2024

What’s the story behind Texas Tax Group?

Texas Tax Group is composed of 20 ex-Texas Comptroller auditors. The main service is providing audit defense work for the audits conducted by the Texas Comptroller’s Office. We need office space for client records, hosting station for the auditors as well as office space for our ex-Texas Comptroller auditor consultants. For instance we provide audit defense services Sales and Use Tax , Franchise Tax , Mixed Beverage / Liquor Tax, Motor Vehicle Tax, Oil & Gas Severance Tax and Hotel Tax, among others. Every day there are almost 8,000 audits being conducted by approximately 500 Texas Comptroller auditors across the State. We defend some of these audits.

We are the only ex-Texas Comptroller auditor firm in the state. We’re all have accounting degrees and worked for many years as auditors for the State of Texas. We currently have over 225 active clients.

What did you do before you worked at Texas Tax Group?

I had just left the State Comptroller after 16 years working as a Tax Auditor and was looking for a way to help people with their State Tax audits. I just took a chance and hoped that there was a market for my services. Now after 8 years and steady growth I am certain I made the right choice!

texas tax group ad texas tax group ad june 22 2024

texas tax group houston office space june 22 2024

Daily Office Workflow

How do you use your office space in the daily workflow of your business?

The offices are vital to what we do because they provide space: (1) to securely store our client’s records, (2) for our auditor HOSTING Stations and (3) for our consultants to conduct their work.

When a client visits our offices or we send them a video tour they feel much more comfortable knowing we have the space needed to manage their audits.

texas tax group design texas tax group design june 22 2024

How is Texas Tax Group evolving in the office space? What changes have been happening lately, or are around the corner?

We have just doubled our office space in Dallas at our 8500 Stemmons location. We have hired a professional videographer and photographer to document WHO and WHERE we are. We are now almost ready to start our Social Media Campaign to reach out to any business under audit by the Texas Comptroller’s Office.

WE will add most of that content into our website so that businesses under audit will be able to quickly determine who we are and then hire us to defend their audits.

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