3 Simple Ways to Maintain a Positive Office Space

October is Positive Attitude Month, one of Boxer Property’s favorite annual celebrations. Positivity in the office is critical to employee success and happiness, which is why October has become a special time for Boxer management and employees.

By adding positivity to the office space, we make extra efforts to stay personable and accommodating in everything that we do.

If you’d like to create a more positive office space, here are some of our best practices.

1. Practice positive thinking in your office space

Barbara Gill, co-owner of Gill Digital, located at 4100 Spring Valley Road, Suite 920, in Dallas, Texas, believes that positivity is an attitude that boosts morale in your office space.

“You just take the positive no matter what it is. The way life deals you that hand is the way you play it. And play it to the best you can,” she says. “I’m in happy environments everywhere I go because I make it happy.”

In addition to positive thinking, a simple smile goes a long way in your office space. A smile is a sign of happiness, and one study shows that people who are happy at their office space are 155% happier with their positions at the company and 50% more productive.

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2. Lend a hand in your office space

According to one study, when you practice kindness, you often experience what psychologists call “helper’s high” and are encouraged to do more. This is a great boost to a positive office space culture and can encourage more people to do their part.

Offering help and showing empathy are also great ways to help you understand others better, creating a healthier, safer office space.

To Gill, positivity and kindness start before you even arrive at your office space. She encourages you to think about yourself and others before making decisions. “If more people did that, this would be a better world.”

3. Surround yourself with positive people in your office space

Collaborating with positive people in your office space is a great way to increase your self-confidence, energy levels, and passion for the job. This leads to increased productivity and a higher quality of work in the office space.

Collaborating with positive people also helps to create valuable long-term connections. Gill, for instance, is a repeat Boxer Property tenant who recently negotiated a new three-year contract due to her pleasant experiences with us.

“We continue to be happy tenants, and the management is more than accommodating,” Gill says.

2 april 25 2024

This October, join Boxer Property in celebrating Positive Attitude Month. By following our tips, you can boost employee morale, increase collaboration, and make everyone feel welcome in your office space.

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