Connect with the Offers Network

As part of our efforts to support tenants and businesses in our network, we have created Boxer Offers - a way for tenants to gain exposure and customers for their business. 

We have thousands of contacts in the Boxer Offers network who are looking for great deals from fellow business owners and tenants. Boxer Offers is a platform for businesses to submit and share deals throughout the network in various channels such as our website, tenant newsletter, broker newsletter, and social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more! 

How Does It Work?

1. Submit a Deal

Businesses can submit various deals to our network by submitting it through the Boxer Offers form.  We will review and approve submissions on a first come first serve basis. Example: 15% Off Any Item at Office Depot 

2. Gain Exposure

Boxer Property does all the work by advertising selected deals to our network of contacts. 

Some channels you may gain exposure on include:

  • Boxer Property and Boxer Workstyle Website

  • Tenant Newsletters

  • Broker Newsletters

  • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more)

  • Networking Events

3. Get Reports

Received detailed reports on how many views, clicks, and conversion your deal has achieve each month.

Case Study: Office Depot

Office Depot provides group discount programs which they wanted to make available and known to our network. They had a successful printed coupon campaign that they wanted us to deliver digitally to our network. We reviewed and approved their submission for entry into the Offers Network.

1. Submit a Deal

Office Depot submitted the following deal:

15% OFF Coupon at Office Depot

office depot coupon
*Printed Version


2. Gain Exposure

We created an email campaign to notify users within our network about the deal.

Email Template:

office depot email

New Savings for Boxer Property Tenants! 

Boxer Property partners with Office Depot to provide exclusive
savings on various office supplies including:

  • Paper
  • Calendars 
  • Toner
  • Office Furniture
  • And More!

Join today and receive 15% Off your first purchase!

[Sign Up for Free!] (link to website form)

3. Get Reports

We launched an initial campaign to a segment of our network and provided Office Depot with the results. We offered detailed reports on views, clicks, and sign-ups.

73 Businesses Signed Up 

offers report

© Boxer Property, All Rights Reserved

© Boxer Property, All Rights Reserved