The Top 4 Ergonomic Office Product Trends

Office employees spend an average of eight hours per day sitting at their desks and working on a computer. Sedentary work can lead to health issues and injuries, which is why National Ergonomics Month was instituted—to educate employees on how to improve health and ergonomics in their office space.

The use of ergonomic office products in office spaces has seen dramatic improvement among employees. For instance, one study concluded that 50 percent of employees are more productive and 35 percent are less stressed when an ergonomics program is in place.

To improve your employees’ comfort and health this year, here are four of 2018’s top ergonomic office product trends.

1. Standing Desks

Standing desks give employees flexibility in how they choose to do their work. Implementing these office products helps employees to burn more than 170 additional calories in a single afternoon. This not only promotes a healthy lifestyle, but it can also encourage creativity. According to a report from the Society of Human Resource Management, standing desks are also one of the top employee benefits in the U.S., making them valuable for employee retention.

Many of Boxer Property’s employees like the option of having a standing desk because they can re-energize throughout the day and multi-task more efficiently.

“I use the standing function for meetings as I find this helps keep meetings more focused and moving along when participants can all gather around the desk and review the information on screen,” says Chris Chumley, Director of Quality Assurance.

1 standing desks april 25 2024

2. Ergonomic Chairs

The right office chair can make a big difference in your posture. One study found that when you give employees the right chair, employee productivity is improved by up to 17.5 percent. Kneeling chairs and yoga ball chairs are popular ergonomic office products due to their comfort and adjustability.

One of Boxer Property’s vendors, Furniture Basix, emphasizes how much ergonomic chairs can benefit employees. “Ergonomic chairs are one of the top items companies splurge on. Employees sit at their desks a huge percentage of their day, and making sure they are comfortable and that their chairs do not cause back problems is a high priority,” says one of their employees.

Furniture Basix recommends lower back and lumbar support cushions as affordable alternatives to ergonomic chairs.

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Profim Action Executive Ergonomic Office Chair

3. Vertical Mouses

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, musculoskeletal disorders, usually obtained after long periods of repetitive work, account for approximately one-third of injuries in the workplace. A vertical mouse is designed for comfort and prevents strain on your wrist, helping you avoid such injuries. This office product works by allowing you to use your arm muscles rather than your wrist.

Employees appreciate having the option of a vertical mouse. Not only can it bring health and happiness to their lives, but it also is a cost-effective way to improve wrist comfort when working at a desk all day.

3 vertical mouses april 25 2024

4. Split Keyboards

Split keyboards are popular ergonomic office products that resemble the shape of your fingers to look and feel more natural. With keys in multiple groups, you can type at different angles. This keeps your wrists in a natural, relaxed position, which prevents straining.

Employees who use split keyboards have less wrist discomfort and an improved quality of life at work. With the more comfortable setup, they can better enjoy what they do and be more efficient with their time.

Celebrate National Ergonomics Month with Boxer Property this October as you make the transition to a more ergonomic office space. By using office products designed for ergonomics, your employees will be happier, healthier, and more productive.

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