Boxer Business Briefs Presents: Commission Express

Our weekly Boxer Business Briefs continues to feature local businesses and the services they provide in an interview with Russ Capper, host of The BusinessMakers Radio Show.

This week, we feature Commission Express and Houston franchise owner, Christopher Heasley, in his office space at Arena Towers. He discusses with Russ about his commission advance business and what his services mean to residential and commercial real estate brokers.

7324 southwest freeway coworking area 7324 southwest freeway coworking area june 12 2024

RC: Christopher, welcome to the Brief!

CH: Good to see you, Russ.


RC: You bet! Tell us about Commission Express.

CH: What we provide is commission advance services for real estate agents. If they have a pending commission that is 30 to 90 days from closing and they need that capital today, we provide that for them.


RC: Interesting. So, do you service primarily residential real estate agents?

CH: It’s almost entirely residential real estate. We do provide for some commercial real estate agents, but primarily our business deals with residential.


RC: How do you get the word out there?

CH: Well, we have a good presence here. We’ve been here in Houston for eight years. We’re part of a national franchise that covers the country coast-to-coast. Franchise-wide, we’re the biggest company that does what we do. We provide a very valuable service, so word spreads!

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RC: I imagine a part of your process is to check out all the agent’s documents to make sure it’s a solid deal.

CH: Absolutely. Of course we have some underwriting standards. We do it very efficiently and in a way that is absolutely suited for the real estate agent because they are on-the-go professionals. We make sure all of our questions are answered to get it done and put the funds in their account as soon as we can.


RC: So they’re encouraged to pay you back and the sooner they do, the less fees they’re charged?

CH: Yes, absolutely. If it’s a shorter time advanced there would be a lower fee. Our fees start at 6% of the commission. They’re typically 10% of the commission and that includes a 30 day grace period. If the transaction happens late for whatever reason, they have a nice area of time for it to close with no additional penalties.


RC: Wow, cool! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us!

CH: Good to talk with you, Russ!


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Phone: 713-223-2800

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