San Diego Commercial Real Estate for Lease

A leader in commercial real estate, Boxer Property provides its clients with some of the finest real estate opportunities in Southern California. Regardless of what your operations entail, we are confident we can find the spaces you need from Del Mar Mesa to City Heights.

You'll find a listing of our commercial buildings below, all ready for leasing at incredibly affordable pricing. These locations are in the heart of San Diego and in its surrounding areas. We have live agents that know the city and are prepared to help you find the commercial real estate you need.

san diego commercial real estate lease

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If you're interested in operating in San Diego, you'll want to stay on top of the latest commercial real estate happenings through Boxer Property. Our database and network is constantly expanding with new buildings and promising opportunities.

Here is a small list of recent San Diego news and Boxer Property's influences in the city's retail and business market:

How Can I Search For CRE in San Diego?

It is not unusual for a business to find business spaces on their own or through a commercial real estate broker.

Online Commercial Real Estate Listings

Building owners, property managers and tenants will do their own research not realizing how time they could save with an intermediary. Advancement in tech and Boxer Property's network has made accessing the most readily available and reliable data easy as it gets. We will simplify the process by always being ready to supply you with the latest info and answers you need.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Boxer Property works closely with outside brokers.This reinforces a connection with tenants who need the best information for finding spaces. Additionally, Boxer Property has veteran in-house brokers prepared to help find the property that fits every client's specifications. Our partnerships with third party brokers helps Boxer Property maintain a referral system that surpasses looking alone.

san diego commercial real estate

How do I find commercial properties for lease in San Diego?

Boxer Property has built a strong portfolio of office space for lease in San Diego. With information being constantly updated, you can view photo galleries, square footage, floor plans, amenities and more. We ensure our suite inventory is dynamically updated and shows all available properties in real time. Single rooms or full floor, purchase or rentals, the inclusion of Wi-Fi, conference rooms, collaborative work spaces and more are available. Additionally, we provide live chat. You can book a same day tour on many of our properties.

Commercial Building Floor Plan

Boxer Property supplies comprehensive floor plans for our executive suites and full floor spaces. Our clients will always be able to make educated decisions. Use our live agents to answer any questions and get additional details on amenities and the local business scene.

san diego building floor plan

Where do I find commercial property for sale in San Diego?

When digging through San Diego commercial real estate, there is a likelihood of coming across outdated information and lack of appropriate opportunities. There can be a series of false starts. Expect Boxer Property to always have the latest info as our databases auto-sync with recent transactions.

For more information, contact our acquisitions team. There are brokers and asset managers waiting to help any interested in San Diego commercial real estate.

Commercial Property for Sale by Owner

Boxer Property actually owns many of the buildings in its portfolio. This gives us access to information you will not find elsewhere. We also have a network of third party owners that appreciate our exemplary customer service and value. They know Boxer Property can turn under-performing properties with marketing, property management, renovations and more.

San Diego CRE Market Research Sources

In order to help you make informed decisions, Boxer Property provides resources for finding news and the latest developments in San Diego's real estate market. We keep a blog to follow recent sales and purchases of buildings, and to provide helpful information about the local business market.

For your consideration, here are some resources for finding out more about commercial real estate in San Diego.

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© Boxer Property, All Rights Reserved