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Image is critically important for any business, but may be more so for a new or growing company. If you're looking for a way to boost your image, consider renting a professional office space in Miramar, San Diego with Boxer Property. We lease and sell commercial real estate properties in Miramar as well as throughout the San Diego metropolitan area.

Check out our many office buildings and executive suites in Miramar and other neighboring areas. While you are conducting your research, contact one of our live agents for more information or to answer any questions that arise.

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Miramar CRE News

Commercial real estate changes almost on a daily basis. Stay updated with Boxer Property's latest acquisitions and sales by visiting this section often. We post updated information about purchases and renovations regularly. Here are some recent updates from the Miramar area.

Here is a small list of recent San Diego news and Boxer Property's influences in the city's retail and business market:

How can I search for CRE in Miramar ?

If you're ready to find that professional, image-boosting commercial real estate property now, take some time to search various real estate web sites and publications for more information and property listings. Commercial real estate brokers can provide excellent information as well.

Online Commercial Real Estate Listings

Although the internet is a great way for you to gather information about real estate properties, the local economy, and business development, you have to be somewhat cautious about how you rely on this powerful tool. Unfortunately, some real estate sites are not as current as others, putting your time at risk if your select property is no longer available.

You can always rely on Boxer Property to provide up-to-date information as we refresh our database upon the close of every transaction. When you spend time researching floor plans, locations and neighboring businesses, you can rest assured that that particular property is still available. Our live agents are available to help you find the perfect commercial real estate property and schedule on-site private tours when you are ready.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Boxer Property works regularly with third party commercial brokers. By providing updated and relevant information, we make sure tenants represented by outside brokers receive the assistance they need in locating the perfect office space. Our experienced in-house brokers are also available to help tenants find an ideal office location for their business.

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How do I find commercial properties for lease in Miramar ?

Boxer Property lists all of our rental space, buildings for sale and renovated space along with pictures, floor plans and square footage details online. You can also rely on real estate publications and other real estate web sites.

We have a great customer service staff as well as experienced brokers to help you wade through all the commercial real estate information and listings out there to define what kind of space you want, where you want it to be located, and how to go about leasing it.

We are also happy to refer you to colleagues of ours in the market such as outside brokers who might have additional listings and information to help you make the best decision for your business.

Commercial Building Floor Plan

The floor plans available on Boxer Property's web site provide a great deal of information that can allow you to virtually tour a wide range of rental units from the comfort of your computer. Whether you are seeking a single-room office, an entire floor of a building, or one of our executive suite options, you will find all the information in a single space. Check out an example of a commercial property floor plan here:

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Where do I find commercial property for sale in Miramar ?

Commercial real estate property is not only for rent but for sale as well. If your business is ready to purchase a building, give Boxer Property a call. Our acquisitions team is well-trained to help you find the right property and guide you through the acquisition process. After all, we do the same thing ourselves every day.

Commercial Property for Sale by Owner

If, for some reason, our acquisitions team at Boxer Property believes that we cannot provide the best building for your needs, we are happy to help you connect with outside third-party sellers to broaden the scope of your search. The bottom line is that we want you to find the best commercial real estate property to help you succeed, and we are dedicated in doing what it takes to achieve that goal. In addition to leasing and selling properties, Boxer Property offers asset management services listed below including property management, marketing and renovation services.

Miramar CRE Market Research Sources

Miramar , as a neighbor of “America’s Finest City,” is a beautiful, warm and thriving area. San Diego is the eighth-largest city in the country and named by Forbes in 2014 as the top city to start a business. As a business owner, it is important to stay on top of the economic climate of your area. Below are some links to help you do just that.

Wikipedia: Miramar, San Diego

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