The Essentials of Selecting San Diego Office Space

Choosing new office space for operation of your business is exciting, but it can be a nightmare for some San Diego business owners. Here are some considerations!

Whether you’re a new establishment or simply expanding around the San Diego area, finding the perfect office space is always the goal, leaving some even unsure where to start in their quest for this facility .

Some early considerations when choosing office space can help you save time and money later.

Forbes magazine named San Diego #1 on its “Top 50 best Places to Operate a Business” in 2014, just one of the many mentions the city has received over the years. The city has also donned itself as #17 on the list of “Most Energy-Star Buildings in the US.” San Diego certainly has what it takes to create a successful business- if you’re in the right office space to enjoy it all.

Square footage and price of the office space are two very important qualities to consider when searching for your new office, but if it is the perfect space that you seek, you must go one step further and look for much more. Taking time to properly choose your office space is vital, considering most units require a lease term of three to five years.

San Diego Office Space Considerations

When choosing your San Diego office space , be sure to consider the following in addition to footage and rental price:

  • rent cost san diegoIs there room for growth?
  • Is there plenty of space for customers coming in and out of your establishment (if applicable)?
  • How much parking is included in the space?
  • Factor in economic costs into rental lease rate. Economic costs include utilities, insurance, upkeep/ maintenance of the building, current lease rates, etc.
  • Location – The office space should be convenient for employees as well as any clientele that may need to visit you in-office. You can review with our list of recommended questions for choosing the best business location.
  • Management – The owners of the property, or the property managers, can make or break a property. Inquire of their rental policies and procedures so there are no surprised later down the line. You want to work with a landlord/ property management company that is responsible to your needs. Don’t settle for less.

How much does rent cost in San Diego?

As mentioned earlier, the rent amount and square footage of the office space is important. No one knows what tomorrow holds and should you find it plausible to grow, will the office space allow it to happen? Is the office sufficient for each employee to have enough room to comfortably perform the tasks of their job? These things are so very important to consider before signing your name on a new lease. On average, rental of office space in San Diego will cost about $2401 per month to rent office space. The Columbia, La Jolla, and North City areas account for the most expensive rental rates in the city. Keep in mind that several factors affect the rental amount of your San Diego office space, including the square footage and amenities offered. You may find properties renting for more or less than the average cost.

Find the right type of office for you

san diego office downtownThere are plenty of different types of office spaces available for lease and rent in all areas of San Diego. When selecting your spot, ensure that it is a facility that sends the right impression of your business. Alignment with your brand ensures that you’re attracting the right kind of clientele who have an interest in what you offer. With such an availability of properties, finding one that fits your image shouldn’t be difficult.

Downtown, San Diego, CA

San Diego’s downtown area is home to more than 4,000 businesses, as well as art galleries, museums, the city’s biggest and best park, and an awesome nightlife district. With such a bustling atmosphere, many business owners choose to find office space downtown. Do keep in mind that office space in the downtown San Diego area will cost more per month to rent than space found in other neighborhoods in the city. South Park is an equally exceptional San Diego neighborhood worthy of your attention. The area is filled with a number of small businesses, restaurants, and houses, with a seemingly large crowd of people filling the streets day in and day out. Of course, these two areas represent only a small portion of beautiful San Diego, leaving many more opportunities for finding the perfect office space out there for you.

The office space that you select should have plenty of things about it that you love. While it might seem an unimportant factor, choosing an office space that you love will allow your business to run much smoother, with happier employees and more desire to do bigger and better things within your organization. Make a list of the things that you love about a particular office space after you’ve viewed it. Compare your lists once you’ve viewed several properties. Combine it with the information provided above to find the perfect San Diego office space to call your own.