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Finding Low-Priced Office Space for Your Nonprofit

As an operator of a nonprofit  there are many challenges one must face. Being able to afford a space for headquarters shouldn't be one of them. Below are some solutions to finding affordable office space for your growing nonprofit.

Speak with a Broker or Leasing Agent.

These professionals are a great resource because they are knowledgeable about the market and have a large database of available office space. Brokers and Leasing Agents will make the office space hunt easier by helping find an office space that perfectly suits your needs.

Some things to know about office space that Brokers and Leasing Agents can help you with are:

Consider Creating a Shared Workspace with Other, Closely-Related Nonprofits:

These days coworking is such a hot-topic, and for good reason. The open, flexible space allows people of different organizations yet within similar industries to share a workspace. This means the rent is also split and the open, collaborative design of a coworking space has many professional benefits. You do want to make sure you invite similar industries/nonprofits into your space, here are some tips:

  1. Interview the other organization to make sure both needs and resources will complement each other by a shared workspace.
  2. If there is more room for other tenants, chose them wisely so everyone can benefit from each other's expertise in various fields. This is a great way to build community by helping one another with various projects.


keys to officeSpread the word about your move through regular communications and social media, so that your clients will be in the know. Also consider having an open house of the new space and invite supporters as well as clientele to the event. This could potentially be a great story that the press would pick up.

 Some states have grants programs to help a nonprofit get settled into an office. Don't be afraid to ask for a discount due to your nonprofit status. Depending on your lease term, Boxer Property  can offer office space discounts to nonprofits, for more information, call 877.777.RENT (7368).


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© 2014 Boxer Property, All Rights Reserved