Five Ways to Make Your Office Space Green

Brighten up Your Office with Fluorescent or LED Lightingimg Brighten up Your Office

We're not talking about the drain-the-life-out-of-you fluorescent lighting that is commonly associated with offices. Recent advances have made long-life fluorescent and LED lighting the best option for offices and the best supplement to natural light. Today's bulbs are available in many varieties to suit your office needs. Check out your local hardware or lighting store to learn about the best options for energy efficient lighting for your office.





Close the Shades During Peak Sunlight Hours in Your Office

Close the Shades During  Sunlight The heat and glare generated during peak sunlight hours can be distracting for employees. You may get sticker shock when you see your summer electric bill with your HVAC system working overtime coupled with increasing energy costs. A simple solution is to close the shades during peak hours, and supplement the reduced sunlight with those energy efficient and glare-reducing fluorescent and LED bulbs. Reduced HVAC emissions, lower bills and fewer employee complaints about the heat and glare translate into more productivity and profit for your business.


Recycle Paper in Your OfficeRecycle Paper in Your Office

In the United States, we could build a 12-foot wall from New York to California each year with the 4 million tons of office paper we discard. It takes 64% less energy to make recycled paper versus making paper from raw materials – saving immense quantities of fossil fuels, water, landfill space and trees. Consider these simple ways to save, repurpose and recycle paper:

  • Reuse blank backsides of documents as scrap paper. Cut paper into quarters and keep boxes in conference rooms and other convenient areas.
  • Have a large bin sealed with a lock for employees to insert documents for shredding. Most cities have local businesses that will pick up, shred and recycle your documents.
  • Include a reminder at the end of your email signature asking others not to print your email unless absolutely necessary.
  • Consider eliminating paper files and only storing company information electronically.

Recycle Bottles and Cans

An aluminum can that is recycled can be back on the shelf in as little as 60 days. Glass, like aluminum, can be recycled again and again. One recycled plastic bottle can power a 60-watt light bulb for three hours. With the billions of bottles and cans consumed in offices each year, recycling has a significant impact. Here are some ideas to start recycling bottles and cans in your office:

  • Have designated areas for employees to recycle bottles and cans. If you have a vendor taking out your trash, make sure they properly recycle bottles and cans.
  • Look for local recycling centers that might pay your company for recycling bottle and cans. Donate the proceeds to a charity chosen by employees. Alternately, you could use the extra proceeds to purchase extra snacks for the office.
  • Provide employees with reusable coffee mugs and water canisters. Online retailers make it easy to add your company's logo and purchase products at a low cost.

Add Real Live Green Plants to Your OfficeLive Green Plants In office

Add air cleansing plants for your office to breathe some fresh air into your office. Plants decrease toxins and replenish oxygen to your space. Make sure to designate an employee or vendor to care for your plants. Here are some plant varieties that tend to thrive in an office environment:

  • Areca Palm
  • The Lady Palm
  • Bamboo Palm
  • Rubber Plant
  • Dracaena
  • English Ivy
  • Peace (Easter) Lilly

Implementing these and other green office ideas will have your office space feeling great, and your employees feeling proud of working for a company that conserves our environment.


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